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Professional Poster (24” x 36”) Print E-mail




Turn up the amps on your ambience with these oversized posters. Perfect for framing, matting or mounting from the ceiling with our poster hanging kit, these extra large 24” x 36” “show” posters add a touch of stylish elegance to any Tradeshow or salon. Select one of three available images to suit your décor or display them all to show off the natural and glamorous sides of Xtreme Lashes®.

Details: 9 mil Photobase gloss paper. Will be rolled and shipped in tube containers.

*Only Xtreme Lashes® Stylists who have successfully fulfilled the requirements to become Certified may purchase this item.



Xtreme Lashes® Professional Business Cards (Black) Print E-mail





Market yourself as a professional Xtreme Lashes® Stylist with eye-catching business cards bearing the Xtreme Lashes® logo. Customized with your name and contact information, these cards add a finished look to your overall marketing package. Available in only in black style.

*Only Xtreme Lashes® Stylists who have successfully fulfilled the requirements to become Certified may purchase this item. A representative will contact you to request the custom information for your cards once your order has been placed.

**Note: Price listed includes ground shipping charges. This item will ship separately from other items in your order. Please allow 7 to 10 days for shipping on this item.


Bridal Informational Poster (18” x 24”) Print E-mail




Capture the interest of your clients with this ‘engaging’ poster highlighting the benefits of Xtreme Lashes® for the bride to be. The soft colors and classic design are sophisticated in their simplicity. An enchanting addition to the décor of any salon or spa!

Client Profile System™: Print E-mail



This comprehensive system includes everything you need to maintain happy clients with beautiful lashes and keep them coming back! Everything your clients will want and need to know, from a Pre-Application Guide to prepare them for their Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extension application, to an After Care Guide that explains how they should properly care for their lashes, is provided within this system. The Client Registration & History Form and the Client Consultation & Design Form enable you to provide an educated decision on which products and designs to use on your clients to maintain safety while achieving the look they desire. The Eye Shape Design Worksheet provides additional guidance on design for different eye shapes and a workspace to test out your ideas. The Waiver & Release Form is a must to protect yourself and your client. The Application Summary Log allows you to track your clients’ lash application appointments and products purchases, and record significant notes about their appointments so you can refer back to them quickly at future visits. Finally, the Stylist Instructions Manual & Reference Guide includes an Irritation Minimization Guide and Reference Guides for both the Registration & History Form and the Consultation & Design Form to help you understand how to make the environment and the application as pleasant and comfortable as possible, resulting in beautiful lashes for the client. We have also included one Client Profile Folder as an example of how perfectly these folders organize the Client Profile System documents into one compact file so that you can provide your clients with consistent, safe and beautiful lash applications easily, every time.

  • 1 – Sample Client Profile Folder
  • 1 – Pre-Application Guide (Pack of 25)
  • 1 – After Care Guide (Pack of 25)
  • 1 – Registration & History Form (Pack of 25)
  • 1 – Consultation & Design Form (Tablet of 25)
  • 1 – Eye Shape Design Worksheet (Tablet of 25)
  • 1 – Application Summary Log (Tablet of 25)
  • 1 – Waiver and Release Form (Tablet of 25)
  • 1 – Stylist Instructions Manual & Reference Guide


XL Client Profile Folder (pack of 10) Print E-mail






Save time and effort with an organized system for storing and tracking your client’s information and application history. The XL Client Profile Folder is custom-designed for use with the XL Client Profile System documents to provide optimum efficiency, organization and accuracy of client records. Each folder has a pocket to hold before and after client photos, dividers that keep your four key documents available for viewing at a glance and fasteners to hold them securely in place. Have all the information you need about your clients at the tip of your fingers for consistent, safe and beautiful lash applications every time.

Consultation & Design Forms (tablet of 25): Print E-mail




The Consultation & Design Forms have been updated so that they are more concise and easier to use than before. These forms were developed to guide you through each Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extension application appointment. Each time your client arrives, they can quickly review and update their medical history, daily activities, and cosmetic regimen. You will review this information, address any changes as necessary, and use these forms to develop your client’s desired eyelash extension design. Developing a history of previous applications to refer back to is invaluable for creating future looks as well as coordinating the time between re-lash applications. When used in conjunction with the Registration & History Form, the Consultation & Design Forms enables you to provide your client with a safe and satisfyingly beautiful set of Xtreme Lash® Eyelash Extensions

Eye Shape Design Worksheet (tablet of 25): Print E-mail



Let the creativity begin! After you and your client have discussed their desired look, now it is time to bring those ideas to life by creating a customized design. The Eye Shape Design Worksheet gives you the opportunity to make this design a reality that your client will surely love. It features the most common eye shapes along with suggested designs for those eye shapes and provides a workspace for you to try out your ideas on paper prior to beginning the application. This Worksheet can be stored in your Client Profile Folder with the Consultation & Design Form so that you can refer back to it during your client’s next visit.

Pre-Application Guide (pack of 25): Print E-mail



This easy-to-follow guide allows your clients to determine whether or not they are ideal candidates for Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions. Once it is determined that the client is a good candidate, the information provided in this guide will explain in detail how they should prepare for their eyelash extension application and what caring for their lashes afterwards entails. You should review these instructions with your clients when they schedule their appointments and then provide them with the Pre-Application Guide to review on their own prior to their arrival. This will ensure proper preparation for long-lasting Xtreme Lashes® and a comfortable experience for your clients.

Aftercare Guide (pack of 25): Print E-mail



Give your clients the know-how to achieve long-lasting and beautiful eyelash extensions! The Aftercare Guide provides detailed and easy-to-follow instructions on how to care for Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions after the application and beyond. This brochure also includes pictures and descriptions of essential Xtreme Lashes® retail products and an appointment section to remind your client of their next appointment date and time.

Waiver and Release Form- *Protect Yourself* (tablet of 25): Print E-mail

Don’t have regrets because you did not protect yourself. The Waiver & Release Form should be read, filled out and signed by every client at their first eyelash extension application appointment. It protects both the stylist and the client, serving as an agreement whereby the client acknowledges the possible risks associated with the eyelash extension application service and provides informed consent. This is a must for any serious stylist that wants to be protected!

Registration & History Form (pack of 25): Print E-mail

Stay Organized! These clear and concise forms have been updated and are now easier than ever to use. They are essential to helping you obtain a detailed medical history of your client, learn about your client’s daily activities and cosmetic regimens, and determine whether your client is a good candidate for eyelash extensions. The Registration & History Form will allow you to make appropriate recommendations regarding the proper care and maintenance of your client’s eyelash extensions as well as aid you in achieving each client’s desired look. In addition, having a full understanding of the products used and purchased by your client enables you to troubleshoot any issues that may arise and make suggestions about which Xtreme Lashes® products they should purchase. When used in conjunction with the Consultation & Design form, the Registration & History Form enables you to provide your client with a safe and satisfyingly beautiful Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extension Application every time.

Stylist Instructions Manual & Reference Guide: Print E-mail

What precautions can you take, as a stylist, to ensure your client is comfortable throughout their eyelash extension application and will be happy with the results? You should read and carefully follow the Irritation Minimization Guide and implement proper use of the entire Client Profile System! The Stylist Instructions Manual & Reference Guide includes an Irritation Minimization Guide and Reference Guides for both the Registration & History Form and the Consultation & Design Form to help you provide a memorable experience for your clients.

  • The Irritation Minimization Guide reviews the fundamentals of maintaining a safe and sanitary environment and applying lashes in such a way that minimizes the chance of irritation.
  • The Reference Guides provide the stylist with explanations on why specific questions are asked on the Registration & History Form and Consultation & Design Form and provides guidance on how the stylist should respond, depending on the client’s replies.

Professional Tri-Fold Brochures (pack of 25): Print E-mail


These brochures are designed to generate interest and inform prospective clients about this exciting product and service. Place them in your salon, near-by gym or health food store - or wherever you normally advertise your other services. Brochures are designed with a place to attach your business card on the backside. We order in large volumes and pass the savings onto you.

Serenity Tri-Fold Informational Brochures (pack of 25): Print E-mail


Extend Your Serenity, Extend Your Beauty™ with Xtreme Lashes®. Draw your clients in with cool, soothing blues and calm, peaceful imagery promoting the many ways Xtreme Lashes® can help simplify the daily routine. While specifically targeted towards clients who are planning to travel and cruise, these ‘relaxation and serenity’ themed brochures also fit nicely in with spa and resort concept locations.

After Care Instructions (To give to your clients) Print E-mail

This is a must have! Detailed and easy to follow instructions on how to care for Xtreme Lashes® eyelash extensions. Give one of these to each client after their lash application.


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