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Air Purifier (US 110v and EU 220v): Print E-mail

Create a more comfortable and sanitary environment for you and your clients by providing dust-free, cleansed air in your work space. Specifically designed for the beauty industry, this powerful but compact purifier is perfect for tabletops, desks or counters. Enjoy the dual functionality of the multi-layer filter assembly that cleanses the air of particles and scents on one side and rotates 180 degrees for use as a cleansed air fan on the other. Using a clean air fan during the applications helps minimize any sensitivity in clients who are prone to it and the gentle white noise adds to a soothing, relaxing atmosphere. If you work in a salon environment, you’ll find this purifier especially beneficial for filtering out the scents associated with other services that can disrupt the soothing experience you’re creating.

  • Rotates for use as a purifier and a fan
  • Compact size (5.5 x 4.5 x 8.5 cubic inches)
  • Easy to operate
  • Includes 1 filter, additional filters sold separately
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


Air Purifier Replacement Filter: Print E-mail

Replace your Air Purifier filter every three months for ultimate effectiveness. These multi-layer filters remove dust, hair and debris at layer 1, target scents and odors at layer 2 and protect against bacteria and viruses at layer 3.


Hygro-Thermometer Clock Print E-mail


Maximize application time and adhesive bonding by creating the ideal environment for eyelash extension application. This easy-to-use tool is essential for monitoring the humidity and temperature of your work area, in addition to helping to keep track of application time. Two AA batteries included.

Insider Tips: For optimum bonding, follow these guidelines for ideal application environment:

  • A relative humidity between 55-60%
  • A room temperature between 68-77°F (20-25°C)
  • Use a fresh adhesive drop every 15 minutes

Mini Fan Print E-mail

Lightweight. Powerful. Quiet. Improve air circulation during lash application with this easy-to-use one-speed portable fan. Targeted airflow exits from the top of the fan for optimal control. Use during every application to help the adhesive to cure faster and more evenly for longer lasting applications. Three AAA batteries included.

Disposable Pillow Cover: Print E-mail

Present your clients with a clean and professional application experience with these one-time use soft tissue covers for your application pillows. Use during every application to protect pillows from makeup and hair products, while minimizing the spread of germs from client to client. Designed for a secure fit with the Contoured Memory Foam Pillow.


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